The Joys Of Aging

Despite physical, emotional and mental issues that seem to strike adults as they age, research shows that people aged sixty-five to 79 are the happiest group of adults. In fact, women in their 80s have more enjoyable sex than those up to 30 years of age. That sounds like pretty good news to me!

Older adults have greater contentedness and optimism about aging and work hard to live life to the fullest. Life may not get better as we age, but it’s perceived differently and with greater gratitude. Seniors are quite glad to be present in life, in fact, to be anywhere.

Another reason for greater happiness is because of less stress from bringing up a family, working or trying to make ends meet. Seniors have more time to be physically active and enjoy a richer, social life. Being comfortable in your own skin and surrounded by friends and family also increases happiness.

Older people also have developed better coping skills and patience. This helps to deal with negative circumstances and hardships and to just make the most of each day.

Aging And Sexual Health

As you age, your sexual feelings don’t disappear. A common misconception is that the desire for sex disappears as we age. Intimacy is timeless and is still very fulfilling. Your sexual feelings depend on how we feel about our bodies and our relationships. 

As we age our inhibitions lessen and we are more accepting of our bodies. Older people feel more freedom to experiment in relationships. This could mean dating younger people, having multiple partners or engaging in same sex relationships. Seniors feel more comfortable talking with their physicians regarding issues such as vaginal dryness or erection difficulties.

Some older couples prefer “outercourse” which means whole-body massage, oral sex or playing with sex toys. These methods can replace intercourse and still be erotic, orgasmic sex.

Benefits Of GrandParenting

Being a grandparent is a lot more fun than being a parent! We have no rules or routines. The only rule is to spend time with our grandchildren and create joyous, happy memories. You don’t need to worry about behaviour lessons or other restrictions.

Grandchildren don’t care what we do or did for a living. You can relax and value the time spent with these precious beings. You can even encourage your grandkids to teach you new skills, such as computer skills without feeling embarrassed. In return, you can teach them skills the parents don’t have time or skills to do.

Grandchildren restore our sense of humour by making us laugh and lightening our hearts. In turn, we listen more, love unconditionally and practice far greater patience than with our own children. This more careful attention allow us to nurture them spiritually and emotionally.

A generation ago, grandparents were thought of as frail and old. Today, grandparents are more physically active and healthier to spend more quality time with grandkids.

More Time For Hobbies

Taking up a hobby as a senior can enrich your life by living a happier, more satisfying and productive life. Hobbies will refresh your mind and body and keep you healthy. In fact, spending time doing things you love can help delay signs of aging and minimize depression and anxiety. Hobbies are often recommended as ways to improve your spirituality, creativity and as a means to transition into retirement.

Hobbies can include team sports, volunteering or arts & crafts. Perhaps you want to join the local theatre group! Hobbies can help to avoid loneliness, isolation and boredom. If one of your hobbies is to take up physical activities, the more restful a sleep you will have. Hobbies such as crossword puzzles, board games or card games will improve your mental abilities, problem solving skills and memory!

Hobbies are a great way to strengthen your relationships with your family and friends.  It gives you purpose and adds meaning to your life with more fulfilling endeavours. Being engaged in personal development will maintain and build your self-confidence and lessen feelings of worthlessness.

There is good reason to introduce hobbies, relationships and physical activities into your life. Happy seniors have less trouble getting up, taking a shower and getting dressed. Less happy people are more at risk to develop diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Staying mobile and enjoying life are great determinants of healthy and graceful aging.

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