Reinventing Yourself After 60

When our kids are finally gone, we start to ask some soul searching questions. This is a critical transition time in our life! What’s next? When do I retire?

This just may be the time to reinvent yourself. Getting back in shape and living a healthier life may be one of your goals. After working for someone else, it may be the right time to create your own business. Perhaps you want to start giving back or do volunteer.

Here are some essential steps to reinventing yourself:

Reinventing Yourself After 60

Get To Know Yourself

This is an important step that should not be skipped. Before starting on your journey, ask yourself; what do you value the most? Is something missing from your life? What makes you happy? Where do you want to be in 5 years? Create a living document and continue to update this list as you continue on your journey. Your goals and values may change as you age!

Reinventing Yourself After 60

Move for Work or to Retire

If you want to continue working and start a new business, you may want to move to a part of the country where the demographics are more suited to your business. If you are retiring, move to a community geared to the over 60 crowd. You can then enjoy leisurely activities like golf, tennis, or reading with like-minded people.

Moving to another country may be on your list. Perhaps you have always wanted to live abroad to experience new cultures. Choose a place with good transportation so you can travel and explore other areas such as Europe.

Traveling will help to develop your social skills and improve your mental health. It’s a great way to meet new people and learn new cultures. You could travel for sightseeing, enjoying the sun, adventurous trips like jungle safaris, or a foodie tourist.

Reinventing Yourself After 60

Find Partners

Reinventing yourself should include people you enjoy being with as well as meeting new ones. Your spouse can be a great travelling companion or maybe you want to travel alone. You can join a club or organization where people share the same passions as you. Maybe it’s time to get divorced or get remarried. Perhaps you can find the courage to start online dating. Some people explore their sexuality and find themselves with a same-sex partner.

Reach out to your family and extended family and visit often. If you are estranged from some of them, it may be the right time to strengthen those relationships.

Reinventing Yourself After 60

Improve Your Body Image

As mentioned earlier, reinventing yourself could involve developing more positive habits. This includes eating healthy, starting an exercise program and learning yoga or meditation. Regular physical activity will improve your alert thinking, learning, and judgment skills. The risk of depression and anxiety is reduced, weight management improves, bones and muscles are strengthed and mobility is improved.

Now is the time to follow your spiritual calling. Join your local spiritual establishment, public organizations or offer volunteer services. Giving back is a wonderful fulfilling experience.

After looking after your family and others for decades, it may feel strange to focus on yourself but this is a perfect time to start.

Reinventing Yourself After 60


Decluttering your home and your life involves ridding yourself of possessions and people that no longer serve you. Once your decluttering is complete, you are only left with things and individuals that make you happy. “Keep what you need and what makes you happy” is enough of a north star for most people to follow. 

Stop using your home as a storge unit and be ruthless getting rid of stuff you’ve been hanging on to ‘just in case’. You know you will never use them again so sell or give them away. Keeping things you no longer use costs you in terms of time! It takes time to clean storage areas, organize and then trying to remember where they are. If you find yourself down the road needing a certain item, it’s okay to buy again. You may find a improved and more efficient one.

As William Morris says: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” 

Reinventing Yourself After 60

Embrace Technology

If you have mobility issues, you can still socialize on-line, take on-line courses and reach out to new people. Invest in a smartphone, a tablet, and the internet. Social networking sites and texting is a great way to network.

If you start to feel frustrated with the technology, signup for a beginner course at your local library or find some youtube videos that provide more direction. Many local community centers also provide instruction.

Activities that give you mental stimulation will help to keep the grey brain cells active. Embracing technology will help to do this.

Living in your 60s is the time to decide how to spend the rest of your life! Rediscover yourself and live life how you always wanted to. Reinventing yourself after 60 can be a wonderful, exciting and satisfying experience.  Love and be kind to yourself. 

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