Kings County Senior Clubs – New York

Senior Centers in Kings County, New York.

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Wortman Community Center
895 Granville Payne Ave
Brooklyn, NY  

The Wortman Community Center in Brooklyn, New York provides senior services and activities.

Langston Hughes Senior Center
301 Sutter Ave
Brooklyn, NY 

The Langston Hughes Senior Center in Brooklyn, New York helps to eliminate ageism and ensure the dignity and quality of life of diverse older adults. We also work to support caregivers through service, advocacy, and education.

Louis Armstrong Social Club
360 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, NY 

The mission of Hope of Israel Senior Center in Brooklyn, New York is to enhance the quality of life for senior citizens in our community, providing a safe and congenial environment that supports members in retaining their independence and maintaining a sense of purpose in their lives. We work to create an environment where older adults will understand that aging does not have to limit their creativity, productivity or enjoyment of life.

Narrows Senior Center
933 54th St, 
Brooklyn, NY

The Narrows Senior Center in Brooklyn, New York offer a range of activities and services, including lunch, social services, educational workshops, exercise classes, discussion groups, games, art classes, lectures, workshops, health screenings, organized outings, special events, and parties. 

Ridgewood Sr Center
319 Stanhope St
Brooklyn, NY 

RiseBoro’s eight senior centers and clubs in New York provide culturally-rich environments where older adults can engage with peers, make new friends, enjoy hot nutritious meals, keep physically active, explore new interests and give back through volunteer opportunities. Each center offers a wide variety of physical activities, including Yoga, Zumba, ballroom dance, stretching, Tai Chi, chair aerobics and falls prevention classes for older adults looking to maintain their health. 

Coney Island Seaside Innovative Senior Center
3001 W 37th St,
Brooklyn, NY 

The Coney Island Senior Center in Brooklyn, New York provides supervised programs in partnership with other local organizations. These include YMCA fitness classes, special health lectures through Brooklyn College, and trips to museums, the NY Aquarium, Broadway shows and more. Head to the Boardwalk and the Coney Island Alliance storefront to see ceramic tile murals created by these seniors!

Shalom Senior Center
483 Albany Ave 
Brooklyn, NY

The Shalom Senior Centerk in Brooklyn, New York is committed to providing seniors with nutritious meals and outlets for social interaction. 

Hazel Brooks Neighborhood Senior Center
 961 Ocean Ave
Brooklyn, NY 

FGC Hazel Brooks Center in Brooklyn, New York has been an uplifting and energetic place for seniors to visit in the Flatbush and Midwood communities for over 50 years! What keeps them coming is the relatable games, educational activities, physical fitness, and outdoor events. 

Bensonhurst Community Service Center
6809 20th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 

The Bensonhurst Community Service Center of Brooklyn, New York meets the distinctive needs of Asian seniors in the Bensonhurst neighborhood as a common meeting place where seniors find companionship and engage in a variety of activities. 

Willoughby Neighborhood Senior Center
105 N Portland Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Willoughby Neighborhood Senior Center in Brooklyn, New York is an oasis where seasoned adults can meet, talk, make new friends, and exchange ideas. Nowhere is this friendly atmosphere more apparent than the varity of celebrations held like, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, birthday parties,  Black, White & Silver Ball and more!

Fort Greene Crown Heights Senior Center
243 E 204th St
Bronx, NY

With our intergenerational discussions, dance fest, city wide wii tournaments, computer programs, stellar food, trivia games and much more, the Fort Green Crowne Heights Senior Center of the Bronx, New York is arguably one of the best centers in Crown Heights for socialites 60 and above. 

Amico Senior Citizens Center
5901 13th Ave
Brooklyn, NY

The AMICO Senior Citizens Center in Brooklyn, New York offers the hand of friendship to all New York City Seniors age 60 and over. We provide a full range of nutritional, educational, social and recreational activities for over 400 older adults each day.

Jasa Starrett Senior Center
1540 Van Siclen Ave
Brooklyn, NY 

JASA honors older New Yorkers in Brooklyn, New York as vital members of society, providing services that support aging with purpose and partnering to build strong communities.

Maria Lawton Senior Center
400 Hart St,
Brooklyn, NY  

With a large and growing membership, theMaria Lawton Senior Center in Brooklyn, New York, continues to thrive and provide seniors with a wide range of social services, nutritious meals, and recreational activities.

Fort Hamilton Senior Recreation Center
9941 Fort Hamilton Pkwy 
Brooklyn, NY

The Fort Hamilton Senior Center in Brooklyn, New York provides senior services and activities.

SAGE Center Brooklyn at Stonewall House
271 Myrtle Ave
Brooklyn, NY  

The Sage Center in Brooklyn, New York provides senior services and activities.1 718-931-4440

Brookdale Senior Citizen Center
817 Avenue H
Brooklyn, NY  

The Brookdale Senior Center in Brooklyn, New York provides inspiring and thoughtful activities to seniors.

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