Senior Social Clubs – Calgary

FLC Seniors Club
11150 Bonaventure Drive SE
Calgary, AB

Our mission is to enhance the positive qualities of our membership and create a nurturing, stable environment which encourages seniors to continue to be active, respected and vital members of their community.

 Kerby Centre
1133–7 Avenue S.W
Calgary, AB

Located in the heart of Calgary, Kerby Centre is a not-for-profit, multi-service organization committed to enhancing the ability of older adults 55+ to live healthy, productive lives with a focus on their mental, physical, social and emotional well-being.

Chestermere Whitecappers Association

201B Chestermere Drive W
Chestermere, AB

A community group dedicated to add to the quality of seniors’ lives in City of Chestermere and area.

Crossroads 50+ Club
1803 14 Ave NE. 
Calgary, AB

Senior club. Meets for bingo, cards and potluck.

Parkridge Sundowners
222 Burroughs Circle NE 
Calgary, AB

Senior social club.

Renfrew 50+ Club
2609 19 Ave SW
Calgary, AB

Senior drop in centre.

Thornview Seniors
5600 Centre St N 
Calgary, AB

Senior social club

Village Square Leisure Centre 
 2623 56 St NE 
Calgary, AB

The senior social club meets at the Village Square Leisure Centre.

 Banff Trail Community Association
2115 20 Ave NW
Calgary, AB

Social club for adults 40+.

Bowness Seniors Centre
6422 35 Avenue NW
Calgary, AB

Bowness Senior’s Centre, established in 1966, provides seniors with a gathering place for meetings, social events, and recreational activities; and to assist those who might be isolated in the community with visits and telephone calls.

Brentwood Community 55+ Group
1520B Northmount Drive NW
Calgary, AB

Seniors social club.

Confederation Park 55+ Group
2212 13th Street NW
Calgary, AB

Confederation Park 55+ Activity Centre has played a vital role in the lives of seniors since it was established in 1973 to enhance the lives of older adults in Calgary’s northwest. Today, over 1000 members from around the city connect with each other through ongoing educational, recreational and social services programs.

Huntington Pioneers Association
520 – 78 Avenue NW
Calgary, AB

Our mission is to provide a social environment for seniors in Calgary to come together for fun and fellowship.

Montgomery Guys and Dolls Senior Club
4704 17 Ave NW
Calgary, AB

Senior Social Club.

3512 5th Ave NW
Calgary, AB

We provide a place where Calgary seniors 50+ can come together to enjoy social events, workshops, art classes, bridge and other activities that match their unique needs and social interests. We recognize that seniors strengthen the community and offer a place to enhance their physical, social and emotional well-being. 

Varsity Seniors Club
4303 Varsity Drive NW
Calgary, AB

Seniors social club.

West Hillhurst Go=Getters Association
1940 6 Ave. NW
Calgary, AB

Formed in 1975 the West Hillhurst Go-Getters is a social, recreational and educational centre serving the senior community.  The Go-Getters provides services that address social isolation and offers alternatives to promote healthful living through participation and exercise, as well as community based outreach services to senior residents providing the opportunity to age in place, if they so choose. 

Fish Creek Seniors
8038 Fairmount Drive SE
Calgary, AB

Senior social club that meets up for activites at the Fairview Community Centre.

Ogden House Senior Citizen Club
2102 69 Ave SE
Calgary, AB

We age from the day we were born, getting older is not bad thing, it’s all just a matter of perception.
Ogden 50 plus Centre is a welcoming place to everyone that is willing to visit and explore the services and activities that we offer.

Greater Forest Lawn 55+
3425 26 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB

We provide a welcoming place for information, programs, and services that enhance the quality of life for older adults and their families.

Inglewood Silver Threads Association
1311 9th Ave SE
Calgary, AB

Senior Social Club.

Bow Cliff Seniors
3375 Spruce Dr SW
Calgary, AB

To promote and support the well being, independence and zest for living of older adults in the South West area of Calgary by providing congenial, stimulating, accessible, safe and supportive physical activities and programs.

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