Senior Social Clubs – Iowa

Iowa City Senior Center
28 S Linn St
 Iowa City, IA

Enroll and participate in Senior Center-sponsored classes, programs, activities, volunteer opportunities, groups, and clubs.

Polk County Central Senior Center
 2008 Forest Ave
Des Moines, IA

Senior services.

Indianola Area Senior Center
2204 W 2nd Ave
Indianola, IA 

Functions as the area’s senior center, and provides activities for adults age 50 or better.

Siouxland Center for Active Generations
313 Cook St,

Sioux City, IA

Our members come from a 60 mile radius to participate in over 65 programs and activities throughout the week in an environment that is courteous, safe, inclusive, and FUN for all of our members!  

South Side Senior Center
100 Payton Ave

  Des Moines, IA  

Senior services.

Cedar County Senior Center
 111 Orange Street
Tipton, Iowa

Senior services and activities.

Collins House Senior Center
2816 Eastern Avenue
Davenport, Iowa 

Senior services and activities.

Eastside Senior Center
1231 East 26th Street
Des Moines, Iowa

Senior services and activities.

Gilmore City Senior Center
306 South Gilmore Street
Gilmore, Iowa  

Senior services and activities.

Grundy Senior Center
705 F Avenue
Grundy Center, Iowa

Senior services and activities.

Johnston Senior Center
6300 Pioneer Parkway
Johnston, Iowa

Senior services and activities.

Marshalltown Senior Center
20 East State Street
Marshalltown, Iowa

Senior services and activities.

Runnells Senior Center
108 Brown Street
Runnells, Iowa  

Senior services and activities.

Toledo Senior Center
103 South Church Street
Toledo, Iowa

Senior services and activities.

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