Senior Social Clubs – Kelowna, BC

Rutland Activity Centre
765 Dodd Rd
Kelowna, BC

Kelowna’s seasonal activity guide highlights programs and activities for Kelowna residents who are 50 years or older. We support the delivery of recreation and leisure services for seniors in the Kelowna area

Okanagan Mission Activity Centre
4398 Hobson Rd
Kelowna, BC

(250) 764-7642

 Water Street Senior Centre
1360 Water St
Kelowna, BC

(250) 762-4108

Seniors Outreach Services Society

 2065 Benvoulin Ct #115
Kelowna, BC

Seniors Outreach is a non-profit society, working to enhance the lives of seniors in Kelowna. By providing support and linking them to other needed services, we help vulnerable older adults to maintain their dignity and independence, and to stay connected to their community and each other.

Seniors’ Activity Centre  
Lake Country, BC

Community centre for older adults * activity room and large lounge area * full kitchen * air conditioned.All adults 50+ are welcome to come and join us. Don’t sit at home alone – loneliness leads to depression and depression leads to despair. Be brave – come and meet new people or reconnect with old friends. 

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