Senior Social Clubs – manitoba

Winnipeg Senior Citizens Radio Club
598 St Mary’s Rd 2nd Flr
Winnipeg, MB

The purpose of the Winnipeg Senior Citizens Radio Club is to establish, operate and maintain an Amateur Radio Station in accordance with the regulations of the appropriate licensing authority.

 Oakland Seniors Social Club
220 Oakland Ave (204) 338-2799
Winnipeg, MB

Senior citizen services.

Seniors Social Club

613 Selkirk Ave (204) 586-8099
Winnipeg, MB

Senior citizen services.

St James Assiniboia 55+ Centre 
203 Duffield St- Third Floor
Winnipeg, MB

To encourage older adults to improve their quality of life by providing educational, recreational, health and social opportunities.

Good Neighbours Active Living Centre
 720 Henderson Hwy 
Winnipeg, MB

Good Neighbours Active Living Centre is a non-profit, charitable organization that provides opportunities for adults 55+ to stay active, connected to the community and to meet new friends.

The Manitoba Korean Seniors Inc 

150 River Ave
Winnipeg, MB

Center that offers services for seniors.

A & O Support Services for Older Adults 
280 Smith St, 
Winnipeg, MB

A & O: Support Services for Older Adults is a not-for-profit organization that provides specialized services for older Manitobans across the province. The goal of these programs is to empower and support older adults in the community.

Winakwa Community Club
980 Winakwa Rd 
Winnipeg, MB

High steppers is operated out of Winakwa Community Centre. Seniors come to play a variety of cognitive and physical recreation games. We have entertainment, health fairs, and do creative art projects. We have parties to celebrate the holidays of the calendar year. We are always looking for more volunteers to spend time with our seniors. 

Aboriginal Senior Resource Centre 
45 Robinson Street
Winnipeg, MB

To increase access to information, resources and supports that directly improves the health and well-being of Aboriginal Seniors in Winnipeg.

St. Mary’s Road Seniors 
45 Robinson Street
Winnipeg, MB

Center that offers services for seniors.

Archwood 55 Plus
565 Guilbault Street
Winnipeg, MB

Archwood 55 Plus is a community based non-profit, charitable organization offering lunches, art and fitness classes, social activities, bus trips and other services to adults ages 55 and older living in the Winnipeg area. Our goal is to encourage graceful aging and empower older adults to lead healthy and active lives while socializing with their peers.

Barber House Senior Centre 
99 Euclid Avenue
Winnipeg, MB

The coffee’s always on and conversation always friendly at Barber House, home of the North Point Douglas Seniors’ Association.

Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre
51 Morrow Ave
Winnipeg, MB

The Salvation Army Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre endeavours to build confidence and respect; facilitates engagement, embraces diversity and fosters hope through a variety of programming.

Bleak House Centre
1637 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB

Bleak House Centre continues to operate as a non-profit charity organization hosting a variety of activities for adults and seniors. It is a great home away from home for old friends and new friends alike who come together in a small group setting.

Brooklands Active Living Centre
 1960 William Ave W
Winnipeg, MB

Here at Brooklands Active Living Centre we are continually trying to improve our presence in the community. We are opening our doors to everyone with offering a wide verity of lessons and activities. We are only interested in creating a stronger healthier Winnipeg!

Creative Retirement Manitoba
1075 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB

Creative Retirement is a not-for-profit organization devoted to life-long learning.

We are firm believers in mental stimulation as a major factor in good health and longevity.

We provide interesting and informative programs for people of varied interests.

We offer programs at affordable prices.

Elmwood East Kildonan Active Living Centre
180 Poplar Ave
Winnipeg, MB

Elmwood East Kildonan Active Living Centre is a non- profit organization that provides free programming for members 55+. Membership is $15/yr.

Dakota 55+ Lazers
1188 Dakota Street
Winnipeg, MB

The benefits of both physical and social participation for older adults is without question. Improved overall health, reduced risk of developing a disability, reduced incidence of depression, improved cognitive decline, to name a few.At DCC our programming for older adults considers all ages and activity levels and includes sports like Pickleball to quilting, cards and even computer skills training. We invite you to check out some of the programs we offer and suggest you check back often for new programs and schedule updates.

Gwen Secter Creative Living Centre
1588 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB

Center that offers services for seniors.

Headingley Senior Services
5353 Portage Ave
Headingley, MB

To encourage seniors to maintain independent living and improve their quality of life by providing education, recreation, health and social opportunities.

Italian Seniors
1055 Wilkes Ave
Winnipeg, MB

Our 55+ Seniors Program is an accessible and affordable program that aims at maintaining health and quality of life, personal independence and community involvement. Join us for a special day that includes fun activities such as physical fitness, bingo, information seminars, cultural excursions and much more!

McBeth House Centre
31 McBeth St
Winnipeg, MB

McBeth House is a historic house located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It hosts a number of activities for seniors.

Seniors from Nepal-Bhutan
61 Juno St
Winnipeg, MB

Various locations
Call for location and program information
Connie at (204) 792-5838 or Bijaya at (204) 417-7699

North End Wellness Elders Inc.
460 Andrews St
Winnipeg, MB

This 55+ program runs 6 days mornings a week. We have breakfast 6 days a week and lunch on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday as well as many planned activities.

Pembina Active Living (55+)

50 Barnes St
Winnipeg, MB

Pembina Active Living (55+) is a non-profit, seniors serving organization in South Winnipeg committed to enhancing the lives of all older adults. Older adults from all areas of Winnipeg are welcome although our official catchment area extends to the CN tracks in the North, the Red River to the East, the city limits to the South and west to Brady Road. 

Rady Jewish Community Centre
123 Doncaster St
Winnipeg, MB

The Rady Jewish Community Centre aspires to be a vibrant and welcoming community where Jewish culture and values flourish, where families and friendships are strengthened, where healthy and active lifestyles are encouraged, and where we contribute to the well-being of the entire community by ensuring our programs and services are available to all.

Southdale Seniors
254 Lakewood Blvd
Winnipeg, MB

Southdale Seniors Inc. provides opportunities for social interaction that enhance the quality of life for older individuals.

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